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How Can I Learn EFT And
EmoTrance Techniques?


By attending Introductory Workshops and Basic Practitioner Training Courses in your area.

EFT Introductory Workshop aka EFT Buddy Workshop
Open to the general public, clients and therapists going on to do the Practitioner Training. In the workshop you will:
  • Have an introduction to the history of Energy Psychology
  • Understand the science behind the miraculous results
  • Learn The basic EFT technique and how to dissolve away emotions in minutes
  • Apply EFT to your physical ailments
  • Learn how to approach releasing emotional issues
  • Receive a treatment from a partner releasing a personal issue
  • Give a treatment to a partner releasing a personal issue for them
  • Become comfortable at using EFT for yourself, friends and family.
  • Receive an Attendance Certificate from The AMT Association of Meridian Therapies (

For details of courses please see Events Diary.

EmoTrance Introductory Workshop and Self Development Day
On this workshop you will learn by direct experience the fact that everything is just energy, that what people say and do to us, is also just energy, neither positive nor negative. But rather, how we handle what we receive makes it a positive or negative experience for us determined by whether we can accept it and let it go or whether it comes on and gets stuck… eg the kick in the stomach, pain in the heart, weight on the shoulders.
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Meridian Lines
  • You will learn the EmoTrance technique
  • You will learn how to handle insults and criticism, turning them into energising experiences
  • You will learn how to dissolve away disturbances and experience freedom lightness and flow from complex issues Money, Religion, Sales & Marketing, Mother, Responsibility, Rejection
  • You will learn how to really receive and be totally nourished by compliments, praise and love, energies which we find just as hard to handle as criticisms.
  • You will be fluent in the EmoTrance technique applied for self help and with a partner
  • You will be energised and feel fantastic at the end of the day
For details of courses please see Events Diary.
MET Practitioner Training
Applying EFT for bigger problems and for clinical use. In this training you will:
  • Develop observation and listening skills to identify where the emotional charge and the issues are when a client relates their problem
  • Learn how to map out a client problem and release it thoroughly, with lasting results, to achieve great success in your practice
  • Learn how to safely release Phobias and Post Traumatic Stress, Painful Memories with ease.
  • Learn how to discover and release the emotional roots of physical health problems.
  • Learn how to release addictions and cravings.
  • Learn simple muscle testing techniques to create shortcut home treatments for your clients
  • Learn how to identify and release the sabotaging beliefs which stop treatments from working
  • How to market your practice with these new skills and increase your income.

Pre-requisite : Introductory Workshop.


After submission of an exam and case study, at home, graduates are awarded Certification and License to practice by The Association of Meridian Therapists ( At the time of submission professional membership fees and exam marking fees will be required.


For details of courses please see Events Diary.

EmoTrance TM Practitioner Training
Taking EmoTrance TM concept to a new level of clinical practice.
  • You will learn and experience the greater power of the co-joint healing process that takes place with the practitioner and the client’s intention focussed on softening and flowing energy
  • You will experience how to do EmoTrance by telephone, expanding your practice
  • You will understand and learn how to safely dismantle shields and barriers that we consciously and unconsciously have around ourselves for protection, but which stop all nourishing energies from being received
  • You will understand more of the theory of EmoTrance, the different manifestations of energy disturbances in the energy system
  • You will learn how to soften and release hard, old and resistant energies
  • Using these extra powerful techniques, you will release deep old energetic wounds in your own system
  • You will understand how aspects manifest in the Energy Body and how to deal with multiple aspects
  • You will understand the importance of thorough testing and helping your client to reach the energised end state available with any energy that might previously have been stuck
  • You will experience how to use EmoTrance with affirmations, dramatically increasing the power and speed of their effectiveness
  • You will have learned and become experienced in how to apply your intention to influence any energy system.

On completion you will receive a certificate from The Sidereus Foundation and will appear on the website under the Find a Practitioner section, and have the possibility of receiving referrals. Your first year’s membership of The Sidereus Foundation is included in the course fee, thereafter you will receive a letter inviting you to re-join each year.

Please note that this EmoTrance Practitioner Training is aimed at therapists, practitioners, coaches or other professionals who already practice and have professional membership and insurance. On its own, it is not a license to practice therapy.

For details of courses please see Events Diary.

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