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Natural Healing and Detoxification

What is Natural Healing?

Natural Healing is about stimulating and supporting the bodyís inherent healing and repairing capability. The body has a blue print for perfect health and is constantly trying to achieve and maintain it. We get sick when we get in the way of the bodyí processes, through factors such as our diet, lifestyle, environment.

The factors effecting our overall health are:

  • Intake:our diet & liquid intake
  • Elimination:how well our body can remove wastes
  • Circulation :how well the circulation works in taking nutrients
    around the body and removing wastes
  • Lifestyle and environment
  • Mind and Emotions
  • Genetic inheritance

As you can see, most of these most of these are within our control to change.

Natural Healing is SIMPLE, itís about stopping doing the things we are doing that are making us ill, thus its about CHANGE. Itís also about taking RESPONSIBILITY for the decisions we make in our life which affect our health rather than blaming other factors. We donít CATCH degenerative diseases. The more that we are responsible for our level of health, the more it is within our power to do something about it, to improve it.

Natural Healing sees symptoms as a way the body communicates to us that there is a problem or imbalance. Medicine sees a symptom as the disease itself and attempts to remove, kill, suppress it. How many times have you taken an aspirin for a headache or pain, or antacids for indigestion, or laxatives for constipation? But what decisions or actions caused the problem in the first place?

In Natural Healing we endeavour to create an environment and lifestyle within and without, treating the whole person, not the collection of symptoms, to stimulate the bodyís own healing and repair abilities. When we stop doing the things that are making us sick, causing us problems and start doing some positive health building things, most of our symptoms disappear and we get well.

Sandra Hillawi can help to develop a cleansing and regenerating programme for you to take you on the road to improved health to follow at home or by attending one of Sandraís Healing Retreats in the UK or Egypt. The programmes will include optimal nutrition, fresh juices and detoxification routines, herbal formulation as appropriate, advice on exercise and hydrotherapy to stimulate circulation, and attention to the emotions and mental attitudes.

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