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Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi

A Profile of Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi started out in natural healing as a qualified in Herbalist, Colonic Therapist (also known as Colonic Irrigation), Massage therapist graduating from the College of Herbs and Natural Healing, founded by Dr Richard Schulze, Herbalist of international repute.

The approach practiced successfully integrates wholistic principles of diagnostics, organic, vegan, vibrant food nutrition, raw food and fasting guidelines, hydrotherapy and a focus on circulation together with issues of mind body and spirit.

Sandra later quailed in EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and EmoTrance, simple powerful tools from the field of Energy psychology, which allow the effective release of stress. Healing the emotions often leads to physical healing as stress is known to be a cause of 85% of disease and illness.

Starting out with a Physics degree and a first career in the computing industry Sandra spent several years exploring and experiencing the health benefits of raw foods, fruit and vegetable juices, fasting, yoga and meditation. She then decided to take up professional training in order to change her career to that of Natural Healing.

Ten years on, Sandra is now an International Trainer in Energy psychology and Author of The Love Clinic, has appeared on BBC Radio talking about energy psychology and her book and is a regular presenter and MC at European Annual Energy Psychology and Energy Conferences.

Sandra runs training courses in EFT and EmoTrance, see clients privately by the internet assisting with physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing, using webcams and skype or telephone, and runs Healing Retreats in the UK and Egypt.








Proprietor: Sandra Hillawi (BSc Hons, Master Herbalist, Colonic Therapist)
96 Sydney Road, Gosport, PO12 1PL, United Kingdom
Telephone: 023 92 433928
E-mail: Sandra@PassionForHealth.com

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